Personal Identity – Who Am I Really ??

Before reading this article please just think for a few minutes about how you would complete the sentence “I am……..”

Think about how you would describe yourself. How would you introduce yourself at a job interview? How would you introduce yourself when meeting another parent whilst waiting for your child to come out of school? What about on a training course at work or how would you introduce yourself to someone at a neighbour’s house party? Or any other situation you can think of.

Write down your answers, before reading further……..

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We are in a communication revolution, but we’ve been here before…..

We are in the middle of a massive global revolution, the pace of change is quickening. The  business leaders and employees that take a lead in this change and refuse to be left behind, will be the leaders that will take their businesses and themselves to new levels of effectiveness, efficiency and engagement.

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More stringent Export Controls are likely in Asia-Pacific…..

At a conference in Vietnam last week the need for more stringent export controls  was highlighted by Tran Thanh Hai, deputy head of the Import-Export Administration under the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Also at the conference, Atsuko Nishigaki, director of the Office of International Affairs for Security Export Control of Japan, urged Viet Nam to complete export control regulations in an effort to further develop the country’s economy and contribute to regional security.

There are already signs that other countries in the Asia-Pacific region are either implementing or intending to implement Export Controls similar to the regimes already in place in the European Union and the United States.

If your company would like to know more about these regulations/controls and whether your business may be impacted then please get in touch. (

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Low Risk Businesses exempt from Health and Safety Inspections

Under new proposals by the UK government “low risk” businesses will become exempt from health and safety inspections from April 2013. The requirement for routine inspections of offices, shops, pubs and clubs will be removed unless the business is known to have a poor safety record. Construction and food production and other “higher risk” sectors will continue to be inspected. The government are also proposing to abolish up to 3,000 other regulations to reduce “red tape” for businesses.

Read more about the UK Government “Red Tape Blitz” here:

Broader Learning from Fall From Height Prosecutions….

On 26th July 2012, the UK Health and Safety Executive posted details of the prosecution of two firms after a worker suffered serious injuries when he was struck by a pipe and fell from a stepladder.

This short article poses a couple of potential “defence statements” that some organisations may have tried to use to avoid the consequences of the case, and then extracts some broader learning…. LearningFromFallFromHeightProsecutions

New End User Undertaking Forms and Guidance issued by UK Export Control Organisation

The UK Export Control Organisation (ECO) part of the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) has issued new versions of End User Undertaking Forms and supporting guidance. The new forms must be used IMMEDIATELY for all new Export Licence Applications. The new form is here: Download an EUU form and covering template from the BIS website (DOC, 68K)

You may also want to visit the following pages for more information and links about the new EUU form(s) and under what circumstances they should be used. ( )

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PAT Testing – is your organisation overdoing it……?

Last November (2011) the government commissioned a report (now referred to as the Löfstedt Report) with the remit “…to look into the scope for reducing the burden of health and safety regulation on business, whilst maintaining the progress that has been made in health and safety outcomes.

Amongst it’s many recommendations the report said that: “The requirement for portable appliance testing should be further clarified (including through changes to the wording of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 if necessary) by April 2012 to stop over-compliance and ensure that these messages reach all appropriate stakeholder groups.”

The HSE have reissued it’s guidance ( ) which makes it clear that not all appliances have to have formal TESTING and that many appliances in low risk office environments only need VISUAL inspection every 2-4 years.

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