Laurent Abuaf,
Company President Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei at AstraZeneca

During the SHE Audit of AZ Vietnam, I had the opportunity to appreciate the integrity, the precision but also the ability of Neville to actively listen, understand and empathize with a situation which was culturally and professionally quite far from his past experience. He managed to adapt his audit skills and his proposals without compromising on the principles and the level of expectations behind the standard. I would qualify his skills as being able to have an adult way of auditing, driven by the strong will to understand the operating environment and standards, to be both ambitious but realistic in the expectations. The audit went smoothly with a permanent and open dialogue allowing strong transparency and trust building, therefore conclusions were not a surprise and alignment was good.
As a person, Neville is courageous, open, straightforward and enthusiastic, and therefore very pleasant to interact with.
I am looking forward to our next interaction ! “

Will Spinks,
Registrar, Secretary and Chief Operating Officer at the Univ. of Manchester…

” I worked with Neville when I led the UK Business Services organisation for AstraZeneca in the UK. In this capacity, I was responsible for a Business Services organisation providing HR, Finance, Purchasing, Communications, SHE, Facilities Management and Site Services to all AstraZeneca’s UK sites. This organisation was comprised of over 1,300 people, supporting around 10,000 staff at many different locations. 

Neville put in place Risk Management processes across the whole organisation, leading a network across all functions. This specifically included leading the preparation of UK Pandemic Flu plans. He did this with great skill, professionalism, tact and diplomacy in what was a highly complex, matrix organisation. Whilst the plans for pandemic flu were, thankfully, not needed, the work done underpinned our approach to many other types of issues. “

Jonathan Saville,
Corporate Account Manager, GoIndustry DoveBid

I’ve worked closely now with Neville during his time at AstraZeneca. I’ve not come across anyone with more knowledge and passion in regards to compliance, export control regulations and risk management. Neville’s experience allows him to provide solid recommendations within an ever changing world whilst keeping up to date with constant changes to rules and regulations on an international basis. I would have no hesitation working with Neville.