I am interested in the integrity of your business – its future, its robustness and its ability to anticipate and manage risks, compliance, and the external events that may disrupt it. I am also interested in the personal growth and development of you and your staff and colleagues.

I am  an independent consultant offering a range of specialist services in:

  • Risk Management, Business Continuity, Accident and Incident Investigation
  • Management Systems development and auditing (Health and Safety, Quality and Compliance Management)
  • Facilitation and Training (People and Leadership Development)
  • Export Control (Your business may be impacted, but you may not know it….)

I focus on helping you with value adding business processes that I aim to keep as simple as possible to match your business needs.

I also believe that how I work with you is just as important  as what I do for you, so let me describe what I mean by Integrity.

I promise that from our first conversation with you I will:

  • Respect confidentiality.
  • Focus on your needs for the right solution, (not my need to secure business.)
  • Be honest with you about what I can do, what I can’t do and what it will cost.

It’s a simple promise but seldom made. I just call it “Integrity
and I won’t do business any other way.

Please read on, to find out a little more about my offerings. If you want to know more then let’s have that first conversation.

You have nothing to lose except, perhaps, an opportunity ?

So please get in touch if you think I can help.

(Tel: +44 (0) 7900 908406; e-mail: info@integrityassociates.co.uk )

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