PUWER Tool – Limitations of Use

The PUWER Compliance Evaluation template has been designed by Eden Integrity Associates Ltd., and is available for use with the iAudit iPad App available from http://www.safetyculture.com.au/iAuditor/

Limitations and Conditions:

There are some important limitations/conditions of use of this template which you must read, understand and agree to (in the audit template). These limitations and conditions are set out below.

It is a “plain English” checklist based on the main PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment) regulations applicable to most types of work equipment. It does not cover ALL the regulations and is therefore NOT suitable for use on high hazard equipment, large complex assemblies and/or lifting equipment or “self propelled” work equipment (vehicles, powered trucks etc.)

It is intended to enable non-specialists to do a basic/initial assessment and prioritise aspects for further risk assessments and/or interpretation/support from competent H&S/Engineering specialists.

The HSE’s “Approved Code of Practice” is available from the HSE website. This contains details and explanations of the requirements of PUWER and may help you to answer the questions.

Before answering YES to the questions you must be sure that ALL aspects of the question are covered. If you are in any doubt about the answer(s) you should answer “No” and seek specialist advice. (Note: the N/A option is only to be used where the particular question is absolutely NOT APPLICABLE.)

Eden Integrity Associates Ltd. has taken great care and developed this checklist in good faith, based on the regulations and guidance in force in 2012 however we cannot be held liable for it’s use, or misapplication. By using the template you are agreeing to all the above limitations and conditions, regardless of whether you properly complete and sign the Limitations of Use field in the template.