Export Control

There are international controls in force, implemented in regional/national legislation aimed at preventing exports which may:

  • Provoke or prolong conflict
  • Lead to destabilising build-up of conventional weapons or the proliferation of WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction)
  • Threaten national security (of the country concerned or its allies)
  • Be used for abuse of human rights

The regulations are commonly called the “Dual Use Regulations” and they are based on a number of international agreements/treaties (see foot of this page).

Many businesses are at risk of non-compliance with these regulations, and the penalties can be severe. For example, in a recent widely publicised case, a UK Businessman has been extradited to the USA without trial in the UK. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-17266000
Some equipment used in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries is controlled in the “Dual Use List” because it can be used in the manufacture or development of chemical and biological weapons. Other industries are also impacted, including Machine Tools, Computing/Cryptograhic Software etc….
Eden Integrity Associates can help your business to ensure compliance with these important regulations. I offer a range of relevant services:
  • Awareness Training for staff at all levels.
  • Equipment assessments – working with your staff to assess whether equipment that you are planning to export is controlled by the regulations.
  • Compliance Management Systems – helping you to set up Management Systems to ensure this important risk is well managed in your business.
If you would like more background information about these regulations then please see this video from the UK Export Control Organisation. (N.B. the regulations are similar in EU and USA)

So please get in touch if you think I can help.

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Footnote: the regulations are based on the following international agreements/treaties:
  • Non-Proliferation Treaty: Established 1970
  • The Zangger Committee: Established 1971
  • Nuclear Suppliers Group: Established 1975
  • The Chemical Weapons Convention: Established 1997
  • Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention: Establish 1975
  • The Australia Group: Established 1985
  • The Missile Technology Control Regime: Established 1987
  • The Wassenaar Arrangement: Established 1996